Web Hosting & Domain Name FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions. Please read through these FAQs before contacting our support staff; chances are that your question will be answered here.

  • Basic Hosting Questions

    • What is a web host?

      A web host is kind of like a landlord - but rather than bricks and mortar, your web host provides you with your space on the internet. You'll need a quick and reliable computer to keep your files connected to the internet. And rather than buying your own server, constantly maintain it and keep it updated with the latest software, a web host can take care of all this for you, leaving you with what's important, sharing your information with the world. Along with providing you with space, a web host gives your site e-mail at your domain name and can take care of the technical requests you have.

    • What is a web site?

      A web site represents your organization, your business, or yourself online. It's an opportunity for you to present knowledge, ideas and products to the world. Online, you will become accessible to anybody, anywhere, at anytime of the day.

    • Do I really need a web site?

      These days, almost everybody with a phone line has an internet connection. And with the vast amount of information available online, many people are using the internet as their primary source of researching information, companies and products. If you have something that you want people to see, a web site is a necessity.With a web site, you have constant communication with the world. From the most remote location, you can reach people anywhere and develop steady customers worldwide. You would be able to announce upcoming events, post images and get feedback at all times of the day, all over the world. There is no limit to the benefits a web site can provide.

    • How does a web site work?

      Let's say somebody is online and they look up your domain name. This will connect them to what is called a web server. A web server is a very powerful computer that can store many files, including your web site. When they are connected, your files will be presented in the form of your site. So in order for you to get online, you must choose a web server to be hosted by, or a web host, and create the files that will be your web site.

    • What is data transfer?

      Your data transfer is the total size of data [ packets ] which is transferred across the Internet to or from your account. All reputable hosting companies must impose data transfer restrictions in order to control their bandwidth usage and ensure a high standard of service. You can monitor your data transfer in real time via your control panel.

  • Domain Questions

    • What is a domain name?

      A domain name is a very important aspect of a web site. If the internet is a map of the world, your domain name is your Internet address. Usually represented by the name of the business or organization starting the site, many sites opt for something clever and memorable to get people interested in their site. This is especially important considering people may have common interest in the same domain name. To help matters, there are different types of domain names. The most common would be ".com" (as in, but you also have the choice of ".org," or ".net". Unfortunately most short or generic terms are already registered, although there are still plenty of good domains available from the Hong Kong domain registry for names.

    • How long does it take to register a domain name?

      It usually takes about 24 hrs to register a domain name - however it can take between 3 and 14 days to register a .hk domain name. This is because the procedure for registering a .hk domain name is much more complicated than for registering a .com domain.

    • What is the cost to register a domain name?

      That depends what type of domain name it is, for example a .hk domain name is more expensive than a .com domain, and over what period you want to register the domain also affets the price. To see pricing and whether your domain is available go to our domain name search & registration page

    • What is a Registrar?

      A Registrar is an organization or company that is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to provide domain name for the registration services. There are different registrars serving each country code throughout the world and each registrar has different rules regarding registration procedures and fees. To register a .hk domain name you must be either a company registered in Hong Kong or a charity or educational institution registered in Hong Kong, however, anyone can register a .com domain name.

    • What are nameservers?

      Every Domain has to have a Name Server associated to it - consider it to be its address and the internet uses this to find your domain when someone types in your domain name into a browser. If you host your domain with Jump then our name servers are as follows:

      Primary Server Hostname:
      Primary Server Net Address:
      Secondary Server Hostname:
      Secondary Server Net Address:

    • Is there any interruption in service when I transfer my Domain to your severs?

      After changing name servers or registering a new domain name, it will take at LEAST 24 hours before you will be able to see your domain by going to . This process normally takes between 24-72 hours, but will take at least seven days for a .hk domain. This delay, referred to as a DNS propagation delay, occurs with all hosts and is outside of our control. During this period, you may also experience intermittent connection to your domain. That is, it may become available but disappear again a few hours later. This is also an effect of the DNS propagation and will typically resolve itself within 5 days after assigning the new name servers.

      Until your domain fully resolves (3-5 days from the time you changed it) you will NOT be able to do the following:

      View your domain at Check your mail (POP3, SMTP and Webmail will NOT work) Publish using FrontPage extensions.

    • Are there any set up fees with your hosting?

      There are no set up fees, you are only charged the monthly amount of your hosting plan.

    • Do you put any types of advertising on my pages?

      No, we do not put any types of advertising on your pages.

    • How much space can I use for hosting features (such as MySQL databases, CGI-scripts, PHP etc.)?

      Any space used for Web Hosting Features such as MySQL databases, CGI scripts, PHP etc. is deducted from the total disk space you are allotted.

    • How can I see how much disk space and data transfer I have used and have remaining?

      Once you purchase an account you may view sites logs through your control panel. You may view how much disk space and bandwidth you have used and have remaining.

    • What happens if I use more than my quota of disk space or data transfer?

      If you need a hosting feature that is not listed on our Web Hosting Features page, please contact us and we will endeavour to install it for you. There may be a licensing or installation fee depending which feature you require.

    • I have received an email saying that my account is “over quota”, what should I do?

      There are 2 ways you can reduce the disk space quota for your account:


      1) Delete emails from server
      Outlook 2010: Click the File tab, then Account Settings>Account Settings. Select your account and click Change, then More Settings. Select the Advanced tab


      2) Delete emails via the webmail. Please click here to refer to section 4 of the webmail guide.


      Or you can simply contact us at support to upgrade your plan.

    • My apple mail cannot send email, how do I fix this?

      You may first check, to make sure the Apple Mail account settings are as following:


      Outgoing (SMTP) mail server settings

      Outgoing Mail Server:

      Outgoing server port: 587

      The outgoing mail server supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): No

      Outgoing server authentication type: Password

      User name: your full email address

      Password: Your email password

    • How can I create/delete/modify my email account?
    • I have lost my email account password, what can I do?

      Ask the hosting account owner to reset the password for you (the user) via the direct admin control panel.

    • I have lost my control panel password, how do I retrieve this?

      Contact us at support and we will resend the password to you. Please note this password will only be sent to the registered owner of the hosting account requesting the password.

    • How do I use my webmail?

      Click here to view the webmail user guide

    • What if I need a hosting feature not included with your hosting accounts?

      Any space used for Web Hosting Features such as MySQL databases, CGI scripts, PHP etc. is deducted from the total disk space you are allotted.

    • How do I transfer my domain to Jump's servers?

      If you already have a domain name registered to transfer your domain to our servers you must update your domain's name servers. If you are unsure how to change your name servers please contact your domains registrar (the place where you registered your domain). If you are registering a new domain through us we will set it up for you. Our name servers are as follows:

      Primary Server Hostname:
      Primary Server Net Address:
      Secondary Server Hostname:
      Secondary Server Net Address:

    • How do I add new email accounts/features or hosting features to my account? How long does it take to set them up?

      You can add email accounts/features and hosting features via your control panel. Features are added in real time and become active instantly.

    • After I place my order how long does it take to set up my account?

      Once your order is received your account will normally become active within 24 hours. If you do not receive any response from Jump, please contact us at support.

    • Can I access my site with or without the 'www'?

      Yes, you can access your site both with and without the 'www'. For example you can access your site at or

    • How many domains can I host under my account?

      By default, you can only host one domain under each account. However, you can request more domains by contacting support.

    • I am currently hosted by another company and already have a domain name; can I have my site hosted by you instead? And how do I change my domain to point to your servers?

      Yes, you certainly can! After you sign up with us, all you have to do is update your domain's name servers to point to our name servers. This can be done either by yourself or via the company from which you purchased your domain name. The transition typically takes from 24 to 72 hours. If you get stuck with this step, just contact us at support and we will be happy to help you.

    • What payment options do you offer?

      You can pay by direct debit, cheque or secure online credit card transaction. You will be billed quarterly and in advance (except for email only accounts which are billed half-yearly in advance).

    • Can international users purchase your hosting?

      Yes, we offer our hosting services to customers worldwide. We support all types of domain names.

    • Is there any charge to upgrade or downgrade my plan if I decide to change after I sign up?

      There are no extra charges for changing your account plan - just the change in monthly billing for the upgrade starting from your next billing period.

    • Is technical support free?

      Technical support is available free to all clients. If you are having a problem with your account we will troubleshoot it for you and if necessary correct the problem. This does not include help with development, fixing script errors or aiding in your website creation in any way; if you require this type of assistance please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

    • Do you provide phone support?

      Due to the nature of the support issues we deal with, email provides the most effective medium to resolve virtually all enquiries we receive.

    • What sort of statistics can I find out about my website? For example, how many visitors is my site getting?

      Depending which plan you have signed up for, you may be offered either Webalizer or Urchin online statistics to present very sophisticated and detailed data about your visitors.

    • What types of sites do you host?

      We host any website that does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

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